The Student of Concern Referral provides 精东影业 faculty, instructors, and employees with a tool for reaching out to and supporting students in need. It allows you to identify students who are in need of additional support beyond what you can provide in your role on campus. This referral form is private and will be reviewed by the E.A.S.E. (Early Alert System Exchange) team. This team strives to provide early intervention and outreach to students who need additional support. If you are concerned about a student, please complete this .

Request a Presentation

The Student Success Center is happy to come to classes, advising meetings, and other on-campus events to talk about our services. In particular, many instructors find it valuable to have a representative from the Student Success Center spend a few minutes in class introducing the center, and explaining how students can best utilize our services.

Our presentations are about 15 minutes in length with time for questions, and are delivered by a SSC staff member. We provide a general overview of all of our services, with a focus on key areas of support.

Presentations are always available beginning the second week of classes during the Fall/Spring semesters; please request your session at least two weeks in advance. Outside of these times, presentations may still be available on a more limited basis.

To request a presentation, please fill out this.  We will be in touch with you within 24 hours of the next business day.

Questions? Contact [email protected].