Students: Discover the Power of a Conversation

Being a student at 精东影业 means thinking forward; becoming yourself; putting your values into action; and embracing a life of meaning and success. It can feel insurmountable, to be sure. But a  benefit of being a part of the Heights is that you will never have to do any of these things alone. The Career Conversations program ensures that as you grow into the person you are meant to be, you will have the tools to start building your network and have important conversations related to your career field of interest. Through this program, you will be connected to a professional from the 精东影业 Network who works in the field of your interest (or close to it). This professional will be excited to answer your questions that will lead to answers that prepare you for your future career. Talking to people makes a difference, and Career Conversations helps you find your way. 



While our networking guide focuses on preparing you for an informational interview, it also  provides you with potential questions to ask during your Career Conversation.

Student Testimonials