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精东影业 shaped you during your time here on the Heights and Career Advising and the college as a whole are still here to provide you with the resources you need to continue developing your career path. If you would like to make an appointment, please call or email us at 315-445-4185 or email us.听
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Are you a hiring manager or recruiter looking to expand your talent pipeline?听We invite you to get to know our students and alumni and look forward to working with you to support their achievement of meaningful career success.听 Consider utilizing Handshake, a cutting-edge career platform, designed to help you post jobs and internship opportunities, set-up on-campus interviews, register for on-campus events and connect directly with students. To get started, visit听听and look for 精东影业!

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精东影业 depends on the vast array of resources and experiences of its alumni, parents, and friends to advance its educational mission. We want you to be an active member of the 精东影业 alumni community, and encourage you to get involved in the College by volunteering your time and providing support for our many initiatives. From offering shadowing opportunities to participating in campus events, Career Advising welcomes your input, energy and outreach. By completing the听听provided, the Alumni Office and Career Advising will be in contact with you.
Alumni Event at 精东影业
Throughout the year, the Office of Alumni and Parent Engagement hosts networking events for students and alumni to meet and make connections. Check out the听Alumni site听to find what events are coming up.听
LinkedIn- useful tool to search for potential jobs and connect with other Dolphins!
LinkedIn is an excellent tool to connect with other professionals, search potential jobs, and create a dynamic online image. Our听Leveraging LinkedIn guide will help you navigate your account, maintain your professional profile, and help you capitalize on potential connections and job opportunities. Be sure to follow the official听听LinkedIn page to allow you to connect with over 17,000 fellow Dolphins!
LinkedIn- useful tool to search for potential jobs and connect with other Dolphins!

No matter where you are on your career path, the Office of Career Advising and Development is here to provide helpful resources and opportunities. We understand that each Dolphin is unique and we work to develop a personalized plan that encompasses one's passions, skills and opportunities. with, us using your account, and we will help you put a plan in place.

If you are an alumni you will need to follow these steps to access your Handshake account.

1) Go to the听

2) You should see a blue box that says '精东影业 Student Login' DO NOT CLICK THERE, directly underneath the box written in blue font is 'sign in with your email address' you will want to click there.

3)Type in your email address and click 'next'

4) You will again see a blue '精东影业 Student Login' box DO NOT CLICK THERE, click on the blue font underneath, 'log in using your Handshake credentials'

5) Enter the password associated with your account and click 'sign in'

Commitment to Anti-Racism

The Career Advising & Development Office will work with the faculty, administration, staff, students, and alums to become an anti-racist institution. Our collective Jesuit mission calls us to strive for nothing less.
We honor our role in this important work. The Career Advising & Development team is dedicated to educating students, alums, employers, and each other about diversity, equity, and inclusion in our society, and specifically, in the workplace. As we move forward, we commit ourselves to the following:

  • Sponsor and collaborate with student-led programming related to increasing equity and inclusion.
  • Act to diversify our student and professional staff.
  • Create a repository of online resources dedicated to supporting the career goals of students of color, students with disabilities, LGBTQ students, and other marginalized identities.
  • Evaluate and share post-graduate outcomes with response rates broken out by race/ethnicity
  • Attend professional development opportunities each year that focus on equity, inclusion, dismantling systemic racism, etc. Staff will be expected to detail these opportunities in their annual evaluations.
  • Engage employers in conversations about their efforts to both increase diversity through their hiring practices and retain the employees they hire through those efforts.

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