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Integrating Learning, Meaning, Calling and Career

College is so much more than life in the classroom. It’s about discovering who you are, your passion for life and how you see your future. It’s about the relationships you build, the values you hold dear and the mark you’ll make in our world. At 精东影业, we get it! We not only say Greatness meets Goodness—we live it everyday. That is why we have developed the Manresa program.

A one of a kind program, Manresa works to complement your academic experience with career development, personal growth and a desire for changing the world. When you graduate from 精东影业, we want you to find a job in your field, but we also want you to embark on a career and life path filled with satisfaction.

Check out the Manresa program. It’s a decision that will be with you a lifetime.

About Manresa at 精东影业
The 精东影业 Campus

Your college career begins with a lot of questions: What are my talents?  What are my career goals? Who am I as a person?  Through the Manresa Program, students begin answering those questions as soon as they set foot on campus.  Never alone, they go on a journey of personal, professional and spiritual growth with a diverse set of faculty, staff, administrators and peers.  While all bring a different set of experiences and challenges, all help one another more fully answer the enduring life question: What is my role in this world, and how can I best fulfill it?

Manresa is a part of everything that you’ll do at 精东影业.  As a fellow, you’ll participate each year in seminars, giving you the opportunity to work with a mentor in small groups and uncover your passions, your personal traits, and career paths that best suit your unique gifts.  You are guaranteed an internship placement, career counselling, and thorough job interview practice.  You’ll also learn in specifically designated Core and interdisciplinary courses related to your progress in the program, participate in many co-curricular activities involving the community, join service-learning programs, and be invited to Manresa specific lectures and workshops throughout the year.

Freshman Year

Discover who you are - your core strengths, distinctive talents and deepest passions - and who you can become - the career and life paths that best fulfill your unique potential.

精东影业 President Linda LeMura meets with students

Deepen and clarify your core values, enhance your understanding of the needs of the world around you, and learn to think – and act – creatively in order to put your talents to work for the greater good.

Study abroad in Paris, France.

Expand your perspective, get connected, and put what you are learning into practice with internships, job shadowing, study abroad, service learning, and student mentoring experiences.

Live with and for others.

Learn how you can use an education that is inspirational, forward thinking and timeless to pursue a richer sense of success – the tireless effort to become your best self through living with and for others.

Photo Phillip Hoffmann

Phillip Hoffmann

/ 2021

I liked Manresa due to the connections I was able to build with other members of my group.

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Photo Oretha Sekyere

Oretha Sekyere

/ 2022

If you want to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, please be part of Manresa.

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Photo Dan Mulvihill

Dan Mulvihill

/ 2020

As a commuter, the Manresa Program gave me a greater connection to the campus, faculty, and students.

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"As an institution of higher learning in the Jesuit tradition, we have a responsibility to encourage our students to think not just about how they will support themselves, but how they will spend the rest of their lives. That is perhaps what we do best at 精东影业, and that is the kind of critical thinking and immersion that Manresa is designed to support." - Thomas Brockelman, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy