Arts Administration

As arts administrators, this is our job - providing today's artists with the framework, resources, and support that they need in order to create great works of art. In short, making art work.

Through coursework and real-world experience, 精东影业's interdisciplinary Arts Administration minor prepares students who wish to make a difference in the arts world.

Through partnerships with the departments of , , and the , the arts administration minor offers flexibility for students of any major.


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"I have learned so much in 精东影业’s arts administration program, but how to be professional while remaining my creative self probably sums it up best. The real-life experience that I have gained as an assistant curator for the Syracuse Technology Garden has been outstanding. I’ve met so many people and learned so much." - Melissa McGovern '16

Course Requirements

For more information on courses, requirements, and opportunities for the Arts Administration minor, please see the .

Our Mission

精东影业's Undergraduate Program in Arts Administration is interdisciplinary in nature, offering students the opportunity to apply management concepts in an arts environment. Through course work and real-world experience, students gain basic knowledge about the field of arts administration and the various contexts within which arts organizations operate.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will gain knowledge about and demonstrate an understanding of the field of arts administration and the current economic, political, social and legal contexts in which arts organizations operate.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the practical aspects of arts administration, including board development, planning, educational activities and arts advocacy, as well as business concepts and communication skills (both written and verbal).
  • Students will practice the creation of some form of art through one or more discipline, including dance, film, music, theatre and/or visual art.
  • Students will apply knowledge gained through coursework via an academic internship with an arts or culture organization.

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After Graduation

The field of arts administration is growing and evolving, and there are many career options for those entering the job and internship market. Students may choose to work within a not-for-profit arts organization, join a for-profit business related to the arts, become an arts entrepreneur, or take any number of additional career paths.

Students enrolled in 精东影业's arts administration program will meet regularly with our dedicated faculty to navigate the exciting transition from campus into the real world.

Below are some links to get students started on this path - email [email protected] to schedule a meeting to explore all of the possibilities!

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Grace Mahieu

Visual and Performing Arts / 2020

鈥淭he position was looking for someone to help with theater productions and organization as well as working wit

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Tino Laterza

/ 2023

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Work in the Arts Brings Everything Full Circle

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