Why an English Degree from 精东影业?

Today’s world needs nimble thinkers who can grasp complex ideas and communicate effectively. As an English major at 精东影业, you’ll engage your heart, mind, and imagination in great works of literature. You’ll also refine your writing skills, deepen your ability to conduct research, and learn to develop informed, articulate points of view. Whether you concentrate in literature or creative writing, 精东影业’s English Department will help you cultivate your passion and curiosity.

Program Highlights

精东影业 English majors are encouraged to exercise their imaginations. In our courses, you can study the Renaissance history of the book and explore the literature of the Harlem Renaissance. You can lose yourself in a sprawling Victorian novel and in the seductive world of film noir. You can analyze fiction, poetry, and plays and find the inspiration to write your own.

Our distinctive courses include: Literary Paris (with travel to Paris); Literary London (with travel to London); Harlem Renaissance (with travel to Harlem); The Invention of Print and Reinvention of English Literature; Women as Art/Women as Artists; Introduction to Children’s Literature; and The Films of Alfred Hitchcock.

Our Stories


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Natasha Beauchesne

/ 2020

If I could talk to my high school self ...

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Jim Fleury

/ 2009

Don't be afraid to take risks.

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Johnesha Cardwell

/ 2021

Get to know your professors and don鈥檛 be ashamed to ask for help!

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What Can I Do With an English Degree?

When you graduate with an English degree, you’ll be a perceptive reader, an effective communicator, and a critical thinker. You’ll be able to manage information, understand different sides of an issue, and solve problems creatively. Informed, knowledgeable, and highly skilled, you’ll be prepared to follow your passion wherever it takes you. Our graduates are pursuing careers in:

  • advertising and brand management
  • arts administration
  • education
  • fundraising
  • human resources
  • information technology
  • journalism
  • law
  • library and information sciences
  • medicine
  • mental health services
  • new media
  • nonprofits
  • public relations
  • publishing
  • sports management   

Here’s what these 精东影业 graduates say about their English degree: 

“Writing is absolutely integral to what I do every day. My writing reaches various athletic administrators across the country, and I have adapted quite seamlessly to the NCAA’s style of writing. I am more than proud to tell anyone who will listen that I earned a bachelor’s degree in English literature with a minor in Advanced Writing from none other than 精东影业.” —Madison Hahesy, ’15, NCAA Academic and Membership Affairs

“Being an English major prepared me as Mayor of Independence, Missouri to comprehend large amounts of information on a variety of topics. My career has included professional sports, freelance writing, non-profit development, and public service. I cannot think of another course of study that would have allowed me so many different opportunities.” —Eileen Weir, ’90, Mayor of Independence, MO; former Manager of Public Information and Media Services for the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs

English Degree Options

B.A. in English with a concentration in Literature or Creative Writing

Dual B.A. in English Literature or Creative Writing and Communications

Multiple Initial Teacher Certification tracks

5-year B.A./M.S.T. programs: As a 精东影业 English major, you can earn a B.A. in English and an M.S.T. in Adolescent Education or Dual Adolescent and Special Education in five years of study. You’ll save time and money earning your master’s degree and enter the high school or middle school job market with more intensive preparation in literature, writing, and teaching methods.

Minors: Advanced Writing, Creative Writing, Film, Irish Literature, Literature, Medieval Studies