Why a Philosophy & Computer Science Minor at 精东影业?

Learning to think in a big-picture way is the future of computer science. 精东影业’s new minor in philosophy and computer science will help you to do just that. As a student in this minor, you will utilize computing technologies and gain a better understanding of the theory, knowledge and ethical considerations that lie at the heart of work today. You will combine computational methods and tools with philosophical thought and practice  to better understand the connections between these two critical disciplines.

Program Highlights

  • An interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary approach for combining computer science and philosophy
  • Students interested in machine learning, artificial intelligence, or knowledge management systems will benefit from taking this minor.
  • Open to students from all majors
  • Part of the to provide students with a range of options for developing computing technology capabilities

"Learning to think in a big picture way is the future of computer science"