Why a Religious Studies Degree from 精东影业?


Religious studies is more than just learning about faith traditions. Religion is an integral part of the social fabric that can help us better understand other cultures, and is intimately connected to many elements of community, including politics, economics, class structures and armed conflict. 精东影业's interdisciplinary approach to religious studies, coupled with our strong liberal arts foundation, means that you will be encouraged to think more critically and creatively about all beliefs and practices, and become better equipped to respond thoughtfully to the complexities of the contemporary world. Being religiously literate is essential to becoming a compassionate agent for change in our troubled, yet wondrous, world. 


Program Highlights

Outside traditional coursework, you will have the opportunity to be published in undergraduate journals, conduct summer research, secure internships, and see first-hand other cultures through experiences like short-term study abroad.

What Can I Do with a Religious Studies Degree?

The study of  religion plays a central role in shaping societies, prompting political action, and influencing the course of history. Examining the nature and function of religion is an essential part of a liberal arts education. Aside from pastoral or clerical roles, students in this field become stronger writers and critical thinkers, which prepares them for graduate school or to enter fields such as law, social work, business or education.

Religious Studies Degree Options

Religious Studies Major (B.A.)

Distinctive Courses: Johannine Literature; Eating As a Sacred Act: an Intellectual And Gustatory Exploration of Food and Faith; Sacred Geometry: Art, Cinema and Spirituality; Faith and the Religious and Theoretical Roots of Social Justice; Eco-Theology and Film

Religious Studies, Catholic Studies

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