Why a Software Applications & Systems Development Degree from 精东影业?

Maybe you want to enhance an app on your phone to make it more cutting-edge. Or you might have an interest in discovering defects in code or the reason something just isn’t right. Or perhaps you want to start clean and develop something no one has seen before. As a Software Applications & Systems Development major, you’ll have the opportunity to do all of these things and more, allowing you to pursue a career path that blends many of your interests.

The Software Applications & Systems Development degree combines software programming and design from our computer science program with business analysis and project planning from the information systems program, making your degree truly interdisciplinary and well-rounded. And though you’ll work with various software engineering tools and methodologies, including some that are cutting edge, you'll also develop skills that will help you wherever your career takes you, including the ability to communicate effectively, critically evaluate and solve problems, and recognize the diverse roles needed to make an effective, complex system. 

Program Highlights

software application degree students

精东影业 software engineering graduates are able to:

  • demonstrate critical thinking skills, apply problem solving techniques, and construct various software artifacts as prescribed by a software development process
  • develop as computing professionals who can apply learning and communicate knowledge to others in an ethically responsible manner
  • thrive and succeed in both individual and collaborative work environments

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What Can I Do with a Degree in Software Applications & Systems Development?

Software engineering is a growing field with dynamic career opportunities, including:

  • project manager
  • systems analyst
  • system architect / designer
  • information security analyst
  • software developer
  • application developer
  • programmer
  • web developer

Software Applications and Systems Development Degrees

software application degree options

B.A. in Software Applications and Systems Development
B.S. in Software Applications and Systems Development
Dual Major (B.S.) in Software Applications and Systems Development and Information Systems

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