Why a Visual Design Minor at 精东影业?

The technology capabilities developed through this minor program will allow students to pursue opportunities where visual design knowledge and skills, particularly using digital technologies related to web and graphics, are either required or valued. Students will develop skills necessary to create, maintain, and verify digital design artifacts, including web pages.

Program Highlights

  • An interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary approach to the world of digital technologies that emphasizes web and graphic design
  • Open to students from all majors
  • Part of the to provide students with a range of options for developing computing technology capabilities

Careers & Outcomes

Student researchers
A valuable addition to your resume

The Visual Design minor can help you achieve your goals, preparing you for careers some of the most sought-after fields such as:

  • Web designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Email marketing
  • Multimedia designer
  • Art director
  • Creative director
  • Senior designer