The Advanced Writing Minor



The advanced writing minor at 精东影业 is open to all students who wish to improve their critical writing skills and to expand their appreciation for the history, grammar and rhetorical applications of the English language. Communicating clearly is essential in today's economy. Whatever your major, the advanced writing minor will help you become a more qualified graduate of 精东影业 who can make valuable contributions to any organization with excellent communication skills and a greater understanding of a variety of writing forms.

Learning Goals

Students who minor in advanced writing will:

  1. develop writing skills that they can apply to the demands of the professional world and graduate study
  2. learn to produce elegant, persuasive, critical, and expository writing
  3. become adept at writing for occasions that range from formal letters, memos, email messages, and websites
  4. develop skills that help them move from initial ideas to drafts to polished pieces suitable for a variety of audiences

Courses and Requirements for Advanced Writing

See the  for more information about the Advanced Writing Minor offered by the Department of English.