Why a Biochemistry Degree from 精东影业?

Life is complicated! What can help you better understand it? A degree in biochemistry. As a biochemistry major, you will address questions about life on the molecular level, including: How is oxygen transported in the blood? How do plants convert sunlight into chemical energy? How can a single mutation in an amino acid sequence result in disease? Your curriculum will include biochemistry courses with the option to focus your electives on chemistry or biology. Much of your learning will take place in the laboratory, where you will gain firsthand experience working with research-grade instruments. In addition, you will collaborate with professors who are outstanding teachers, published researchers and caring mentors. Interested students also have the opportunity to conduct original research with a faculty mentor. The biochemistry major provides excellent preparation for a wide array of paths after graduation. You may pursue graduate study in biochemistry, molecular biology, pharmacology, forensics or another related field; enter a professional program in health care, such as medicine, pharmacy or dentistry; or find employment in areas such as drug development.

Program Highlights

Biochemistry is an interdisciplinary program that provides training in both chemistry and biology. You can focus on one discipline or the other by choosing relevant elective courses. You’ll work with professors who are outstanding teachers, published scholars, and caring mentors, and will have the opportunity to conduct original research under their guidance. Students studying biochemistry will have the chance to:

  • gain first-hand experience with research-grade instruments
  • use a variety of conceptual models to analyze data
  • construct or critique the design of experiments in biochemistry or molecular biology
  • develop quantitative reasoning skills
  • report scientific and technical information clearly and critically

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What Can I Do With a Biochemistry Degree?

A biochemistry degree from 精东影业 can prepare students for advanced studies in biochemistry, biology or chemistry and for advanced studies in the health professions.  Recent graduates are employed in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, public health policy, patent law and environmental law.

Biochemistry Degrees

B.S. in Biochemistry

Distinctive courses:
 Advanced Molecular Biology, Advanced Organic Chemistry, Instrumental Methods of Analysis, Toxicology, Biology of Cancer, Developmental Biology

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