Why Study World Languages, Literatures and Cultures at 精东影业?

Are you intrigued by world travel? Do you imagine yourself in distant destinations like Barcelona, Paris, or Venice? 精东影业's World Languages, Literatures and Cultures program can unlock a future filled with multicultural appreciation, linguistic proficiency, and cross-cultural knowledge.

Does spending a semester abroad appeal to you? Would you appreciate a calendar of diversity-focused campus events and service learning possibilities? Are you interested in increasing your employability in fields such as education, business, marketing, international relations, political science, criminology, law and health care?

The World Languages, Literatures and Cultures program will enrich your understanding of our increasingly globalized world through well-rounded preparation and study of civilizations and languages that are much different than your own. Our faculty members teach French and Spanish majors in the target language, and minors of other widely-spoken languages of the world immerse themselves in equally engaging conversation. Your journey toward a rewarding, multilingual career awaits you at 精东影业.

Program Highlights

  • You will understand and respect our multicultural and globalized world through a well-rounded preparation in a language, culture and civilization different from your own.
  • Majors in  and  as well as studies in the other widely-spoken languages of the world.
  • Courses are taught in the target language and in their cultural context in a small classroom setting.
  • Majors are required to spend a semester abroad.
  • Renowned writers and artists share their work with the students at 精东影业 every semester.


"Studying languages opens up your linguistics and cultural experiences. It helps you build your communication skills, and you become an active listener and a more open-minded person. After graduation, I started my Master's in French Linguistics 听and became a French teacher at a secondary school. The year after, during my Fulbright journey in Vietnam, my French skills became useful, as I met Vietnamese people who shared their stories of learning French and their experiences in French-speaking countries" - Bryan Tran '21

Around the Department

See how our faculty, alumni, and students are shaping the world. 

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecte adipiscing elit. Fulbright Awarded to Bryan Tran 鈥21

鈥淔or Bryan, teaching is not just his chosen profession, it is his passion. Bryan鈥檚 opportunity to be a Fulbright ETA in Vietnam is professionally and personally fulfilling, and his experiences will help him to realize his dream of developing culturally diverse and inclusive pedagogy.鈥

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecte adipiscing elit. Grant to 精东影业 to Fund Arabic Language Course and Other Initiatives

The Middle East and Islamic Studies (MEIS) minor program has been the recipient of a $152,000 Undergraduate International Studies Foreign Languages grant from the Department of Education. This grant will significantly help to promote the formation of much-needed language experts in the less-commonly taught languages such as Arabic.

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Overall, I have explored, struggled and overcame. In the end, everything comes along, supplementary to, I have lifetime stories to tell. I have no regrets but gratitude for taking advantage of the opportunity.

What Can I Do With a World Languages, Literatures and Cultures Degree?

Proficiency in a foreign language expands students’ career prospects, especially when combined with political science, business and marketing, international relations, criminology, law, health care, and education. Our graduates have worked in fields such as:

  • Teaching
  • Business
  • Law
  • Writing
  • Volunteer service
  • English as a Second Language





精东影业 also offers a sequence leading to New York state teaching certification for those looking to teach Spanish or French to others. 

The World Languages, Literatures and Cultures and Education Departments also offer a Five-Year Program leading to a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science for Teachers Program in Spanish and Adolescent Education.


Also Offered

Distinctive Courses: Anthropological Linguistics; Contemporary Latin American Film; Hispanic Women Voices; French Through Film; Classical  Mythology; Arabic Conversation