Why Study Risk Management and Insurance at 精东影业? 

Global pandemics, climate change, cybersecurity attacks, economic uncertainties, the need to innovate, and increasing business complexities all pose risks that need to be effectively managed. All organizations, including large multinational corporations, medium and small businesses, and governmental and not-for-profit organizations need people who understand risk management and insurance. Being able to respond strategically to growing risks is increasingly valuable within organizations. Insurance organizations help individuals, businesses and other organizations identify, manage, and mitigate their risks. For those who study risk management and insurance, there are a broad range of career opportunities within insurance organizations, as well as with businesses across a wide-range of industries. Given the attention that is being given to the importance of addressing and managing risks, there may never be a better time to study risk management and insurance than today.


As an RMI student, you will gain an overall understanding of this critical and dynamic field. You will become familiar with risk identification and analysis, risk evaluation, and various approaches for treating and mitigating risk. But more than that, you will learn to build relationships, to work well under pressure, and to respond to rapidly changing environments. Most important, you will discover how to make ethical decisions and model socially responsible leadership in a world in which both are greatly needed. And those are the skills that will truly differentiate you from others and help you to stand out.

Program Highlights

  • Courses are evaluated yearly to ensure up-to-date curriculum and relevance to the job market.
  • Internships in different industries provide valuable transferable skills.
  • Leaders working in the industry provide students professional connections and advice.
  • Coursework is an engaged learning process where students “learn by doing” giving students an opportunity to practice risk management in the field and not just learning about it in the classroom.

The McNeil Academy

The McNeil Academy was established at 精东影业 through a transformational gift from the McNeil family, who are alumni and outstanding supporters of the College. Their vision is to develop and oversee a world-class Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) program that emphasizes the importance of ethics and socially responsible leadership play in one’s overall professional and personal life. The McNeil Academy provides students with the opportunity to work closely with faculty, alumni and business partners to gain knowledge and experience in managing risks in today’s increasingly complex world; to understand the educational benefits and career opportunities that come with pursuing a degree or minoring in RMI; and to obtain research and experiential learning opportunities through internships and through opportunities to assist organizations, including nonprofits, with risk management related services.


  • The median salary in Risk Management and Insurance with a Bachelor's Degree is $106,165 - $114,604 (Salary.com).
  • According to insuremypath.org: “While the market for college graduates with many majors is unpredictable, RMI majors consistently find jobs after graduation. The job placement rate for RMI program graduates is excellent….And the starting salary for many insurance jobs is higher than that for the average college grad.”
  • The McNeil Academy provides outstanding opportunities through extensive relationships in business and higher education.
  • 43% of the insurance workforce are expected to retire soon and the growing industry is expected to create 400,000 additional jobs. RMI majors are in high demand and that demand is expected to increase over the next few years.
  • 精东影业’s graduates working in Risk Management work at such companies as:



Distinctive Courses: Risk Management and Insurance, Enterprise Risk Management, Insurance and Reinsurance Company Operations, Property and Casualty Insurance, Risk Financing, Underwriting and Brokerage, Claims Processing, Risk and Insurance Analytics and Trends

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