Poland Jesuit Center for Research & Teaching Innovation

Named for Walter '66 and the late MaryAnne Poland, the Poland Jesuit Center for Research and Teaching Innovation was founded in 2021 to encourage Madden faculty research, discovery and teaching innovation.

The Center focuses on innovation and thought leadership with an eye toward deepening global engagement and societal impact. It honors the College's Ignatian roots as it builds the intellectual infrastructure and faculty capacity, skills and knowledge necessary to strengthen the culture of research within the Madden School and to forge partnerships across the community and around the world.

Current Center Initiatives

The Poland Center, led by Dr. Martha Grabowski, encourages faculty research publications in high quality peer-reviewed journals; and supports:

  • 6-8 faculty Brown Bag research seminars each year, including Madden and 精东影业 faculty, student and outside speakers;
  • A series of Bootcamps open to 精东影业 faculty, students and the community on a variety of topics: Data Science, including R, Python and Tableau (2021-2024); Generative AI and prompt engineering (2024), personal finance (2024), Excel (2024), Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS), and other topics of interest for research, teaching, and the community;
  • Faculty research data and subscription services;
  • Faculty certification, training and professional development;
  • Faculty mentoring and reverse mentoring activities;
  • Faculty teaching support for student technology assistance in computationally-intensive classes in labs;
  • Madden web page Faculty Research Spotlights;
  • The Faculty Technology Roadmap, a research data and computational repository;
  • The Madden Faculty Research and Teaching Innovation Committee;
  • The Faculty Summer Research Support and Teaching Innovation Awards.


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