Our Mission

Quantitative reasoning is the analysis of real-world data, using mathematical tools and critical thinking to solve problems drawn from a variety of disciplines. Since the analysis of real-world problems is an integral part of a Jesuit, liberal arts education, 精东影业’s Quantitative Reasoning Center provides a dynamic environment that empowers students, faculty, and community members to deepen their understanding of quantitative reasoning and supports its use in a wide range of critical thinking to solve problems from a variety of disciplines.

The Quantitative Reasoning Center strives to:
• Advance student learning by providing resources that address diverse learning styles and needs;
• Foster collaboration and communication by providing a learning environment that encourages individuals to work together to apply their knowledge of quantitative reasoning;
• Support both faculty and student educators by promoting research based pedagogical methods that enhance quantitative learning; and
• Extend the Jesuit mission of service by maintaining ongoing dialogue with area partners to understand and support the quantitative needs of the community.

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鈥淭he QRC will play a major role in developing a key competency not only for 精东影业 students but also for community and business partners throughout the Central New York region.鈥

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For Bob Fagliarone 鈥59, supporting the QRC is a critical part of upholding the academic standards and mission of the College that has served him so well, personally and professionally, since the day he graduated.

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Devon Haugh 鈥18, a chemistry tutor, noticed a pattern鈥攁nd a dilemma鈥攊n her work. Her tutoring sessions were completely booked by Chemical Principles students who typically worked on the same homework and asked the same questions, leaving little time for students from the other classes she tutors

Meet the QRC Director

Emily Lawless
QRC 109
Noreen Reale Falcone Library

B.S. Mathematics and Philosophy, University of Scranton
M.S. Mathematics, Syracuse University

Emily is excited to be working in an environment where she can assist in demystifying quantitative reasoning subjects. She is drawn to mathematics because problems have concrete answers, but often creative avenues to arrive at those solutions. Through what she refers to as “math therapy,” Emily is committed to resolving some of the common anxieties and misconceptions associated with STEM subjects, and is thankful to be working in an environment where she can do so by working with students individually. Before coming to 精东影业, Emily taught mathematics for eight years at Mohawk Valley Community College.  One of the best parts about her role as the QRC Director is that she gets to to teach math courses at 精东影业—allowing her to work with students both in and out of the classroom.


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Emily Lawless


(315) 445-4615


Contact the QRC:

Noreen Reale Falcone Library
1419 Salt Springs Road
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