Online Advanced Certificate in Creative and Not-for-Profit Administration

Today's world needs exceptional arts and culture leaders. Rooted in the Jesuit tradition of being people for others, our 100% online Advanced Certificate in Creative and Not-for-Profit Administration includes coursework in community engagement, financial management, marketing and more. 

The 15-credit curriculum can be transferred later into our full Master of Science in Arts Administration, for students who want to continue their studies upon completing the certificate.


Plan of Study

AAD 501. Introduction to Creative and Not-for-Profit Administration. 3 Credit Hours
An introduction to the world of creativity, focusing on not-for-profit organizations and exploring the various types of creative organizations and management principles applied therein. Students will participate in discussions both in class and online, applying knowledge gained through readings and guest lectures by working professionals in order to conceptualize the interconnected and diverse world of creative and not-for-profit administration.

AAD 502.  Marketing and Public Relations Strategies in Creative Industries. 3 Credit Hours
An in-depth exploration of Marketing and Public Relations strategies, tactics and tools in the not-for-profit and for-profit creative industries. Students will analyze texts, case studies and real-world examples and will apply their knowledge by creating a marketing plan and materials for an organization, event, service, or product.

AAD 504. Financial Management in Creative Industries. 3 Credit Hours
An exploration of the financial issues relevant to the not-for-profit creative industries, including budgeting, financial management, and financial planning (both short-term and long-term). Students will develop a strong familiarity with financial statements, with the objective of gaining the skills necessary to oversee the financial operations of a not-for-profit creative organization.

*AAD 603. The Art Museum Today. 3 Credit Hours  
An exploration of the various types, sizes and definitions of art museums with a specific focus on contemporary issues facing these institutions. The course familiarizes students with the theories and practice surrounding current (and shifting) topics of interest in the larger art world, and their effects on the museum as an institution. Students will examine the history of art museums, discuss contemporary practice, and explore current issues in the profession as it faces the future of art museums in the twenty-first century. 

AAD 602. Engaging the Community Through Creativity. 3 Credit Hours
An in-depth exploration of the intertwined nature of communities and creativity. Through readings, viewings, discussions and lectures (including visits with arts and culture practitioners), students will gain insight into the interconnected nature of creativity and the community, and the strategies and tactics used by organizations wishing to weave their operations into the fabric of the communities they inhabit.

*Substitutions for this course can be made on a case by case basis dependent on student interests and career goals. 

Meet the Faculty

Our excellent faculty bring decades of practical experience into the classroom, providing our students the necessary tools to take with them into the arts industry workforce.

Travis Newton

Travis Newton

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Miranda Traudt

Miranda Traudt

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Ellen Rosewall

Ellen Rosewall

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Teresa Renn