Liberty Partnerships Program

The 精东影业 Liberty Partnerships Program (LPP) is a collaborative project between the New York State Department of Education, 精东影业 and the Syracuse City School District. First created in 1989 by Governor Mario Cuomo to increase the graduation rate of youth who may be at risk of leaving high school, 精东影业 LPP is one of 51 Liberty Partnerships Programs from throughout the state currently funded by the New York State Department of Education. Each year, 精东影业 LPP provides services to approximately 375 Henninger, Institute of Technology at Central, and Nottingham High School and Syracuse Academy of Science High School students.

95 % Graduation Rate:

  • Academic Support
  • Study Skills Development
  • Regents Preparation

Program Eligibility
  • New York State resident
  • Enrolled in grades 8-12; or under 20 years old and enrolled in a state-recognized High School Equivalency preparation program;
  • Attending public, non鈥恜ublic, or home schools, or enrolled in a state鈥恟ecognized High School Equivalency preparation program in New York State; and
  • Each participant must be identified as being at-risk of dropping out of school as measured by factors according to EDL § 612
Program Requirements
  • To regularly attend tutoring, classes, and/or academic support sessions
  • To bring work to tutoring sessions
  • To be on time for all activities, classes, and tutorial/academic support sessions.  
  • To regularly participate in after school / extracurricular LPP programming
  • Fill out a Personal Learning Plan yearly and a Social Emotional Assessment at least once during your time in the program

What We Offer

The 精东影业 LPP Program offers a wide variety of services and experiences and encourages all of its students to participate. All students have access to the following services:


“I think LPP is a great program to join, especially if you're having trouble in a certain class. The tutors will help you understand what you don't know. It feels as if I'm in a special school, and no matter what I'm working on, when I leave, I do know what I am doing!"


"I would encourage kids in school to join the Liberty Partnerships Program (LPP) because the tutors give you hope when you think you are going to fail and there is always someone there to help you with anything."