Upward Bound Program

The Upward Bound Program has been designed to provide high school students with an intensive and challenging academic experience; one that promises to contribute to your overall development as you prepare the transition from high school graduation to college enrollment. Courses covered in our program include math, science, computer applications, personal growth, writing, composition, and laboratory sciences. There is an academic year (September - June) and a summer program (June - August).

Kenyon Black, Director 
Upward Bound Program
Romero Hall
(315) 445-5430

It is my duty to possess The highest scholastic intentions Striving always to present myself In a respectable manner I accept that my role As an Upward Bound Student Requires both sacrifice And dedication I will endeavor to maintain Academic and ethical integrity Believing that my words and my work Are reflections of my character I will utilize my talents and knowledge To help myself and others Always remembering that Upward Bound is a mission It is my goal to acquire higher education Thereby validating the purpose of Upward Bound For I understand and accept that my success Determines another student's possibilities Following these ideals situates me As a true leader One to be admired and an example To be followed I AM READY, I AM PREPARED, I AM SERIOUS, I AM UPWARD BOUND! Adapted by: Colette Matthews

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