Why the Direct Entry PA Program at 精东影业?

The Direct Entry Physician Assistant (P.A.) Studies Pathway at 精东影业 offers the opportunity for early acceptance to exceptional high school students wishing to accelerate their academic and career paths to become physician assistants. Accepted applicants will complete a Bachelor of Science degree in biological sciences and a Master of Science degree in physician assistant studies at 精东影业. Students have the option of following a 3+2 accelerated pathway or a 4+2 pathway, which allows students to take advantage of a fourth year to participate in a study abroad semester, academic minors, collegiate sports or other academic and personal growth experiences. The direct entry pathway to the P.A. Studies Program is competitive. Space is limited and is available only to first-year students.

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Eligibility Requirements for Admission into the Direct Entry Program
  • Minimum High School Cumulative Average = 92
  • Required High School Courses = Applicants must graduate from an accredited high school and must complete a minimum of 16 academic units in the following distribution:
    English - 4
    Foreign Language - 3
    Mathematics - 3
    Natural Science - 3
    Social Studies - 3
  • Recommendations = Applicants are required to submit one letter of recommendation from a guidance or college counselor or two letters of recommendation from clergy, coaches, employers, teachers, etc. 
  • 50 total hours of shadowing or patient contact documented by a supervisor by time of matriculation into 精东影业 Previous direct patient care/volunteer experiences will be beneficial for applicants at the time of the interview.
  • Required interview by invitation only.
Applying to the Direct Entry Program

The application and all required documents must be received by the 精东影业 Office of Admission before the application deadline. The deadline for receipt of applications for this direct entry pathway is November 15. A completed application packet includes:

  • Official high school transcript
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • SAT or ACT requirements - Not ultimately required for consideration for the Fall 2021 semester. As a test optional institution, 精东影业 does not require SAT/ACT scores for admission. However, if you wish, we will review them as part of our holistic assessment. Only test scores that benefit you will be factored into our decision making process.
  • Personal statement

After beginning study as a first-year student in the Direct Entry P.A. Pathway at 精东影业, students have a binding agreement with the institution and program and may not apply to other P.A. studies programs.

Continuation in the Program

Overall GPA: Once admitted to the Direct Entry P.A. Pathway, students must attain or exceed an overall cumulative grade point average of 3.4. Two successive semesters below 3.4 or a cumulative grade point average below 3.4 will constitute grounds for dismissal from the pathway. However, participants may continue as biological sciences majors provided they remain in good academic standing at 精东影业. These students then have the opportunity to apply to the Master of Science in physician assistant studies program with other students who are not part of the direct entry group.
Science GPA: Students must also have a cumulative science GPA of at least 3.4 in addition to the cumulative GPA of at least 3.4.
Continuous Enrollment: Students must maintain full-time enrollment status during the entire pathway.
Academic Prerequisites: Participates must be enrolled in a Bachelor of Science program in biological sciences and must complete the required prerequisite courses for the master's program by August 1 prior to the first year of the P.A. program.
Patient Contact Hours: Participants must complete a minimum of 750 quality direct patient contact hours by August 15 prior to the first year of the P.A. program. The appropriate value of the 50 hours experienced prior to the first semester of studies will be included in the total 750 hours. Examples of of patient contact experiences can be found on the P.A. Program website.
Moral and Ethical Fitness: During all phases of the program, a student must remain in good moral and ethical standing appropriate to the pursuit of a career as a physician assistant and eventual professional licensure. Failure to do so will result in dismissal from the program. However, participants remaining in good academic and behavioral standing may be allowed to continue as biological sciences majors at 精东影业.