Meaningful Success: Discovering Your Path


Ӱҵ is a great environment if you are still exploring your academic interests. We encourage our students to do just that through our unique courses, small sized classes and the close relationships you develop with your professors and fellow students. You never know what may pique your interest. You will have so many opportunities to investigate new academic areas while you work closely with advisors in our office who help undeclared students. We will help you find the most rewarding path for you. 


Don't Worry! You Are In Good Company

Undeclared is a pathway to graduation success

“Undeclared” is one of the largest choices (of majors) among our first year students. But we're here to help!  Our academic advisors find it rewarding to meet students like you as you think through this process during your transition to college. We are continually delighted by the students who four years later walk across the stage at Commencement having found their true passion. 



It's a Major Decision

Ӱҵ Students Reviewing Books

Each fall, Majors Week gives you the opportunity to chat informally with our faculty about their areas of expertise. We encourage all first-year students to attend – perhaps you are undeclared or maybe you are re-thinking your major or considering a minor that you love such as visual arts, film, legal studies, sports marketing, music, chemistry, environmental studies, physics, or engineering. (Yes, you can do all of these at Ӱҵ.)  We have also developed My College Plan, a workbook that helps you to start the conversation with your advisor about your interests and goals. Your advisor will also spend a good deal of time encouraging you to really reflect on your own academic history and move toward planning your college career so that you can also fit in wonderful out-of-classroom experiences that will transform and excite you (internships, a short-term study abroad trip, research with a professor, or a service experience in the community.)

You Have Choices

Ӱҵ Campus

A great opportunity is Ӱҵ’s Choice learning community. Each year we welcome nearly two dozen students into this living/learning experience, giving you the chance to explore careers and majors together. You will live near one another, share two required core courses, and meet over informal dinners and activities throughout your first year, making your time of transition both entertaining and full of profound discovery. 

Explore learning communities at Ӱҵ

Career Advising & Development

Career Connections at Ӱҵ

Our  can help you learn about job trends and opportunities, broad learning related to majors (e.g., Biology majors can do many things in life!), transferable skills, and - through career inventories and strengths-based evaluations - where your gifts and talents lie. We are sure that you will find each of these resources helpful during your first year at Ӱҵ.