Summer Programs at 精东影业

Need to get a head start on your coursework or retake a class? Explore听online summer programs at 精东影业, where happiness and success go hand in hand. Register听now!

May-Mester at 精东影业

A few weeks can make a big difference. You have the opportunity to retake or get a head start on a course during 精东影业鈥檚 May-Mester. This is an exciting opportunity for students to earn credit during a听condensed session. Our wide variety of May-Mester courses are held all听online this summer听at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Registration is open to both current 精东影业 students as well as students attending other colleges and universities. 听
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Summer Study at 精东影业

At 精东影业, happiness and success go hand in hand. Don鈥檛 let a busy summer slow your education! This summer, 精东影业 will offer two听options for you-听one 10-week session and a 5-week session.听Students from 精东影业, students attending other colleges, and busy adults whose summer schedules allow time for academic pursuits can benefit from this opportunity.听