Financial Aid for Incoming Undergraduates

We understand the financial investment you are making in deciding to go to college. Since its founding, 精东影业 has been committed to providing educational opportunities to motivated students of diverse social and economic backgrounds. To support this goal, we administer a comprehensive distribution of financial aid, using our own resources as well as state and federal funds. Financial aid is awarded both on the basis of merit and need in order to supplement the financial assistance for you and your family.  

Submit the FAFSA

To apply for all the aid available through 精东影业, you must . We encourage completing the FAFSA by Feb. 15, however, we will continue to accept completed FAFSAs until we have completed enrollment. Reminder: when submitting the FAFSA, be sure to include 精东影业's school code, 002748. Note that the deposit deadline for first year students has been extended to Wednesday, May 15 to accomodate for delays caused by the new FAFSA.

What's next after my FAFSA is submitted?

After you have submitted your FAFSA, it will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Office.  You will receive notification when your financial aid award is available and can be viewed at .  Prospective First Year students will also receive a copy of their Financial Aid award letter by mail.

Types of Financial Awards

  • 精东影业 Merit Awards: 精东影业 Merit Awards are awarded based on the admission application and are renewed based on the guidelines outlined in your admission letter.
  • 精东影业 Grants: Based on financial need; applied for each year.
  • Determined by the coaches; renewed annually based on your student’s participation on the team.
  • Federal Pell Grants: Based on FAFSA results; awarded annually.
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants: Based on FAFSA results; awarded annually.
  • Federal College Work Study: Based on FAFSA results. First-year students who are eligible for and accept Federal Work Study will be given placement information in July. Students need to apply for and obtain a campus job in order to earn these funds. First-year students generally work eight hours per week and are paid biweekly.
  • Based on FAFSA results. A New York state resident grant; awarded annually. If you have not yet done so, complete a TAP application at before you enroll at 精东影业.
  • Based on FAFSA results. You will borrow directly from the federal government, not a private lender. Subsidized loans do not require you to pay interest on the loan while you are enrolled in school, as opposed to unsubsidized loans in which the interest accumulates. First time borrowers must complete a master promissory note and student loan entrance counseling before federal loans can be disbursed to the student account. Both of these steps are completed online at .

Tips for Considering Your Financial Aid Options

Here are 4 tips for helping you evaluate your financial aid options: 

1. Put the numbers down on paper. Include tuition, extra expenses like travel, any fees, and room & board. Room & board costs in particular can vary greatly from one college to another, so be sure to factor this in. 

2. Ask yourself, what do you value? Each college is different. At 精东影业 we are fortunate to be part of a community that’s warm and welcoming, with faculty, staff, and students who go above and beyond to help one another succeed. This culture is embedded in all that we do. Our emphasis on small class size, personal attention, open minds, and open hearts are important hallmarks of our Jesuit college on the ‘Heights.’ 

3. Read the fine print. Make sure to thoroughly read and understand your financial aid offers. Beyond numbers on a page, we recommend considering (1) requirements to maintain aid (2) flexibility to chart your own course in college and beyond. 

4. Call us! Our goal is to ensure that all students and families receive the support they need to attend the college of their choice. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our Financial Aid Office at (315) 445-4400. Our experienced Financial Aid staff members will help you weigh your options. 

What If My Circumstances Change?

You might be one of many of our families that experience changes in financial circumstances during the academic year after you've filed the FAFSA. We can review your situation and make adjustments to your and/or your parent’s financial information on the FAFSA. We consider each request on a case-by-case basis. Adjustments of financial aid awards are subject to the availability of funds. To notify our office of your special circumstances please complete our online form at .