Welcome to 精东影业

Congratulations once again on your acceptance into the A-DDPN program at 精东影业 and St. Joseph’s College of Nursing (SJCON). We are excited to welcome you to our community.   

Please review the important details of your enrollment below.

First Day of Classes (Summer 2024)

精东影业: Classes begin the week of July 8, 2024.

St. Joseph’s College of Nursing: Classes begin Wednesday, July 17, 2024. The schedule will be disbursed in the Spring of 2024. The first weekend is August 2-4, 2024.

In addition to the information included below, please visit the St. Joseph's College of Nursing  page for important details specific to SJCON enrollment requirements.


Questions? Contact Us.

Office of Transfer Admission
Grewen Hall 323
(315) 445-4300
[email protected]

Department of Nursing
Grewen Hall 204
(315) 445-5435
[email protected]

St. Joseph鈥檚 College of Nursing
206 Prospect Ave., Syracuse
(315) 448-5040
[email protected]