Support for Transfer Students


Academic Support Services

Among the services offered by the Academic Advising and Support office is free individual tutoring during the academic year for students taking 100- and 200-level courses in mathematics, economics, philosophy, the natural sciences and some foreign languages. Writing tutors are also available to offer grammatical and general assistance with written assignments and research papers.


Disability Support Services

精东影业’s services for students with disabilities include pre- and post-admissions consultations, diagnostic referrals, review of previously administered diagnostic tests, informal academic advising, presentation of self-advocacy skills for students, and liaison and advocacy efforts with faculty and staff.

In addition you will want to make contact with:

Office of Student Development: This office coordinates essential student life services such as obtaining your student ID, housing and food service, student conduct, personal counseling, security, service learning, health services, athletics and campus ministry.

Information Technology: Information Technology provides computing services as well as telephone, cable and data services to the college community. Students can obtain their computer accounts, including campus network, email, campus portal, WebAdvisor and Blackboard accounts, through this office.

Academic Advising & Support

Within the Division of Student Development, 精东影业’s academic advisement is a mission-driven program that links the coordination of the academic advising needs of students with support for faculty in their roles as academic advisors and mentors. To support this mission, the College’s Academic Advising Committee, made up of faculty and administrators, has designed a developmental advising program that encourages a close working relationship between advisor and advisee throughout a student’s time at 精东影业.

The Office for Academic Advising and Support

With a professional academic advising team, led by the Assistant Dean for Academic Advising and Support, supports students through comprehensive advising programs tailored to the needs of students at distinct developmental stages, including programs for first-year and transfer students and students who have not declared a major, as well as comprehensive orientation programs¸ a first-year advisement program, tutoring and writing assistance, residential and curricular learning communities, international student advising and pre-professional advising (pre-health and pre-law).

Their purpose is to help 精东影业 students succeed in college by providing them with services and support that allow them to create meaningful connections with peers and faculty within and outside the classroom while enhancing their intellectual, social, and personal development. The Office for Academic Advising and Support is located in 342 Reilly Hall. Inquiries about academic accommodations for students with disabilities can be directed to the Office of Disability Support Services located on the first floor of the Noreen Reale Falcone Library.