Fitness, Recreation, Sports, and More!

As a Dolphin, you'll be able to get in the game from the day you arrive on campus: 

  • Twenty one Division I intercollegiate teams
  • Over a dozen intramural teams
  • Twelve club sports teams
  • Fitness classes for all abilities

It's all part of how you'll experience our Jesuit value 'cura personalis'. You'll have the chance to care for your mind, body, and spirit - having some fun along the way.

See our Athletic and Recreation Facilities

Intercollegiate Athletics

8 National Championships, 32 Straight Semesters of Academic Excellence

Both in the classroom and on the field of competition, Dolphins excel. We have twenty one intercollegiate teams (10 men's and 11 women's) competing in the Northeast Conference (NEC). Our student-athletes are also Agents of Change. By giving back to our community and neighborhoods throughout the year, they're beginning to create the world they want to see. 

Club Sports

All the Challenge of Intercollegiate Sports on a Less Formal Basis

In addition to our teams that compete at the NCAA level, we also have twelve teams for men and women that compete in club sports. Club sports give you the opportunity to participate in formal teams, without the time commitment of a intercollegiate program. Our club sports feature regular practices, dedicated coaches and many participate in intercollegiate competitions and leagues.

Intramural Sports

Get a team of friends together and compete!

You'll be able to choose from a variety of intramural sports at 精东影业. Intramurals are strictly on-campus and more recreational, giving you the chance to get in the game, work out some stress and make some new friends. 

Fitness Classes

Fuel Your Body and Mind

You'll have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of fitness and recreational classes that include Zumba, Boot Camp, spinning, body sculpting, strength training and more.

"Once you achieve one goal, the idea is to raise the bar for the next. What sets us apart from the competition is how willing we are to work for our goals and go after our dreams. So, go the extra mile, study a little longer, run a little faster, and never get complacent."