Dolphin Homes: Pads for the Pod

精东影业 students have a number of options when it comes to where they live, from traditional dormitory rooms to suites to apartment-style housing. Whichever housing you choose, you can be sure that it will be comfortable and modern, and will match the way you like to work, study, live and play. Residence Halls

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Photo Claire Nakoski

Finding Fun in Syracuse, N.Y.

/ 2017

At 精东影业, you鈥檒l be lucky enough to find yourself in the rich, diverse, busy community of Syracuse, NY.

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Favorite Spots On Campus

/ 2021

You will find your place and it will become where you look forward to going to. You just need to go out and fi

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Photo Most Used Things in My Dorm Room

Most Used Things in My Dorm Room

/ 2020

You will succeed here on the Heights and being confident in yourself is just part of what will help you succee

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So, What Do Dolphins Eat Anyway?


At 精东影业, food is the foundation for fun. You'll find weekly and monthly special events and promotions, like build your own dessert bars, restaurant style dining nights, and classic holiday feasts. We believe that relationships are strengthened around the table. Dining Options


"I would tell her that her time here on the Heights will be unbelievable and better than she ever could鈥檝e hoped for. She will triumph, just as she will sometimes fail, but every day she will fall more and more in love with the campus on top of the hill. But most importantly, I would tell her that while her time here will be one that will be utterly amazing and unimaginable, it will go by in the blink of an eye." -听A Letter to My Freshman Self