Office of Community Standards

As an institution of higher learning in the Jesuit tradition, 精东影业 is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of life. The College recognizes that a values-based education and a community atmosphere informed by the principals of respect for oneself and others are necessary for the achievement of its academic mission. Accordingly, all students are accountable for their behavior both on and off campus and the policies outlined in the , which exist to support the academic mission of the College and the development of students.

The student conduct process seeks first and foremost to serve its students in an educative role. The process asks students to reflect upon their behaviors and how it impacts the College and surrounding communities.

Mission Statement

The Office of Community Standards is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment on campus in which students act responsibly, with sensitivity and respect. The office strives to uphold clearly defined community standards and preserve a process that provides individuals with the opportunity to better themselves through educational and transformative experiences.