What鈥檚 the best way to become a compassionate leader in an increasingly global community?


Go out and experience it first-hand!

St. Ignatius of Loyola founded a 500-year tradition of Jesuit education in 1534. Ever since then, followers of Jesuit philosophy have worked for social justice, equity and the greater good. That’s our tradition at 精东影业, the youngest Jesuit college in the U.S.

That’s some pretty heavy-duty stuff. You might wonder what that means for life today as a college student. Well, it means you’ll be part of a diverse community where students share experiences that inspire them to make ethical choices, adapt, learn and reach out to help others. Speaking of reaching out and helping others, you'll have the chance to become what the Jesuits call Agents of Change. To change the world, you need to take action, be a part of something bigger than yourself. It can be as simple as cleaning up local parks and serving at soup kitchens or shelters, or as challenging as working together to develop creative solutions that lead to a better world.


鈥淭he group鈥檚 purpose is to help meet the needs of the hungry of Syracuse on a weekly basis, as well as to raise awareness of the realities of those quite literally down the road from us. There are so many opportunities to get involved to carry out 精东影业's mission and values, and I think the Ignatian Ignite club听serves a need by giving food to the hungry, but also open students up to reality at the Samaritan Center.鈥

Dolphins in Action

No matter how you want to change the world, we'll be there to help. As a Dolphin, you'll care for those close to you and those who live in a different world that you know. See some of the ways we're making a difference. 

Seeing the World by Closing our Eyes

精东影业 students are helping teenagers living with visual impairments make the transition from high school to college.

New Heights

Special education students from East Syracuse-Minoa High School are making new friends and gaining valuable life skills through the New Heights program housed on 精东影业鈥檚 campus.

Dolphin. Leader. American.

Hamza Elhabbal '19 found a home on the Heights 鈥 and in the U.S. A native of Cairo, Egypt, Hamza recently became a U.S. citizen.

Honor Flight

精东影业 nursing students embark on a journey to Washington, DC to bring WWII Veterans to see the monuments built in their honor.

Finding the Step Up Moment

Kate Waltman 鈥13, MBA 鈥16 is helping some of Syracuse鈥檚 poorest residents take care of their physical health while also building a sense of community.

A Tiny Home for Good

Andrew Lunetta, who cultivated an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for social justice during his time at 精东影业, is the founder of A Tiny Home for Good, a non-profit that provides affordable housing for those most in need.